One Subject at a Time Pledge

The Mission

For far too long the government has masked their actions with the practice of writing long, convoluted bills with obscure titles. In January of 2017, Representative Mia Love of Utah introduced the One Subject at a Time Act along with 21 original cosponsors. This act, in short, requires that each bill or joint resolution embraces no more than one subject, and that the subject to be clearly and descriptively expressed in the measure’s title. The bill was then shelved by The Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice. The goal of this pledge is to form a coalition of legislators across the country at every level of government to get this bill and others like it passed in every legislative body in The United States and a coalition of voters across party lines who refuse to accept the same old deceptive habits.

The Pledge

We, the undersigned, believe that transparency within the legislature is key to fixing the government. The practice of deceiving constituents by hiding legislation in unrelated bills has made honest governing next to impossible. This Act will restrict the ability for congress to mask the true purpose of legislation.

If we’re to be credible as candidates, willing to fight to protect our democracy, willing to stand up to party politics and corporate interests when they conflict with the interests of everyday Americans, we must pledge to fix this broken system in the best way we can.

We therefore pledge to support the One Subject at a Time Act and work to get it passed within the first 100 days of this legislative session. We hope our fellow politicians will join us. It is only together, as a unified force, that we will be able to reinstate a government dedicated to preserving and protecting our democracy.

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New York's 10th Congressional District