Why the Libertarian Party Should Back a Socialist for DA

August 13, 2019

By David Fite

Tiffany Cabán is running for Queens District Attorney. She has tons of endorsements from organizations like the National Democratic Socialists of America and the New York Progressive Action Network, Individuals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon, a plethora of workers unions throughout the city, and I believe she should have the New York City Libertarian Party’s endorsement as well. Why would the Libertarian Party support a staunch Socialist? I’ll tell you. Tiffany Cabán has focussed a great deal of her campaign on finding money already in the budget to accomplish her goals. Melinda Katz, one of Cabán’s main opponents, speaks of using asset forfeiture to fund crime prevention efforts. Tiffany, however, plans to cut asset forfeiture as well as mass incarceration and the militarization of police to uncover existing funds.

On the key issues Cabán will face as District Attorney she goes above and beyond the competition in almost every way. On the topics of human trafficking and sex works her opponents are using verbiage such as focusing prosecution away from victims and “going after johns and pimps”, whereas Tiffany has vowed to refuse prosecution on any consensual prostitution charges allowing the whole industry to come into the light. Tiffany believes this will allow police to focus on the far more important sides of the issue. On drug reform Cabán has made the point she will not prosecute any recreational drug charges. Notice the wording there. “Any recreational drug charges” In a race where people and politicians are focussed on the fad of marijuana legalization, Tiffany has taken it a step further. She understands the reason behind the need for change and is advocating release for those currently in prison for the same charges. She isn’t just focused on the racial or popular reasons for legalization, she believes in freedom. 

Tiffany has often spoken at length about weakening the police state to the fullest extent of her power. From prosecuting ICE and police misconduct to abolishing cash bail, Tiffany Cabán is one DA that clearly represent the people, not the police. My favorite thing about her as a politician is that she is advocating that money be taken out of her budget and into the budgets in the city that truly matter (Education, Housing, and Healthcare). Find me another Democrat campaigning to have a smaller budget. She also speaks at length about educating the public on their rights as well as how to avoid and handle police contact. My favorite quote on her website states “The path to a better future is education, not incarceration.” which resembles my campaign slogan “reduce regulation, expand education”. 

As a candidate for City Council, I look forward to the chance of working alongside a copatriot like Cabán. Although we disagree on a few economic points, I know we can work together on the more pressing matters which we agree on.