By David Fite

April 29, 2020

At 8:00PM on Tuesday April 28th Justin Amash announced via Twitter that he had launched an exploratory committee into seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for President. 

By David Fite

August 13, 2019

Tiffany Cabán is running for Queens District Attorney. She has tons of endorsements from organizations like the National Democratic Socialists of America and the New York Progressive Action Network, Individuals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon, a plethora of workers unions throughout the city, and I believe she should have the New York City Libertarian Party’s endorsement as well. Why would the Libertarian Party support a staunch Socialist? I’ll tell you.

July 23, 2019

The New York City Public Advocate is a poorly defined position that, over its 30 years of existence, has often been used to advance the political interests and status of career politicians. I’m running for Public Advocate because I want to do something very different with the office: turn it into a “startup” working in the public interest to deliver real products and services that improve New Yorkers’ lives and helps under-resourced civil servants modernize our city’s government.

May 08, 2019

I was eight years old when I first encountered a computer game called SimCity. The general premise of the game was that you were the mayor of a virtual city, and you would use game money to create a place for communities of “Sims” to live.

April 13, 2019

Over the last few years, New Yorkers have watched with great anxiety as Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, among many other places, were pummeled by massive hurricanes. Whenever we see storm destruction, memories of Sandy re-enter our consciousness; as does the question: Is New York City significantly better prepared for the next big one? My answer is “No.”

December 07, 2018

New York City and its neighbors have a problem. Unlike Los Angeles, Chicago, and the other major U.S. metropolitan areas that fit neatly within the standard city, county, and state political boundaries, our metropolitan area of over 22 million people does not. We’re spread out over four states and 26 counties, five of which are called “boroughs” and were integrated together to create our city over 100 years ago.​

June 29, 2018

New Yorkers are constantly complaining about the two-party political system. Democratic domination of New York City politics means Democratic primary elections are more impactful than general elections. Republican domination of the national political system means New Yorkers’ progressive cultural values are rarely reflected in national politics. At the state level, Democrats and Republicans seem to have a stable alliance built on maintaining one of the most corrupt state governments in the country.

Jan. 23, 2015

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara ripped into the political culture in Albany on Thursday during a news conference detailing the arrest of New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges. Indeed, cynics (including this writer) weren’t surprised that yet another of New York’s public officials landed in hot legal water.