About The Cause

Are you starting to believe that democracy – real democracy – is a lie?

Do you worry about government overreach and have a suspicion our rightful liberties and choices are being taken away?

Are you confused by politics and have no idea who are the good guys and the bad guys, and what voting for any party really means for you, your family and friends?

You are not alone, and we can help!

Fite4Liberty was founded on a concern that there was generational interest, but not real understanding of the role politics and government really play in our lives, Fite4Liberty was founded on the principle of action and aims to be a rich source of education and information for the libertarian-minded, libertarian-curious or the millions just disillusioned with our political status-quo. We make complicated policy and laws understandable, interview experts (the kind of experts you really want to listen to) and publish engaging media content on all things libertarian – and beyond!

We will also be hosting multi-media events, and supporting like-minded candidates across the country, so whether it’s information, support or sanity you need in these uncertain and scary times – we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the Fite!

About The Founder - David Fite

      Fite4Liberty was founded by David Fite, the youngest ever candidate to run for New York City Council and most successful Libertarian candidate in NYC. With little experience and no political connection, Fite disproved the notion that only a ‘certain’ (ie, rich, older, establishment) type of person should get to run for office! With few resources, he ran a grassroots campaign for New York City Council in the 45th District at the age of 22! Though ultimately unsuccessful it gave him enough insight into and experience of the political system to know he wanted to change it.

       Having spent much of 2019/early 2020 working on a presidential campaign working to coordinate the volunteers, Fite now has his sights set on helping to educate and inspire the next generation of political leaders.

       A libertarian at heart, curious by nature, and headstrong, David is determined Fite4Liberty is going to change the direction of politics in our country, and create a movement that challenges rather than accepts, reads rather than scrolls and gets involved rather than letting the establishment decide everything for us!