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 In an era where all news and media seems to be bought out and biass, you can turn to Fite 4 Liberty to tell you what’s really going on. With in-depth looks at the bills in congress, objective reporting on current events, and guests from all walks of life; Fite 4 Liberty can be your one stop shop for all your freedom fighting news.

          Elect The Revolution is a movement dedicated to replacing incumbent politicians who are responsible for the restriction of your liberties. #ElectTheRevolution is also used to support and grow awareness for those challenging these incumbents and even those just challenging the establishment.

  • New York City New Jails Bill
  • New York State Marijuana Decriminalization 
  • Senators Trading Stocks after Corona Virus Briefing

Justin Amash Launches Exploratory Committee, What Does That Mean?

At 8:00PM on Tuesday April 28th Justin Amash announced via Twitter that he had launched an exploratory committee into seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for President. This comes after almost two weeks of teasing at a run which was even picked up by national news sources. In fact there has been hints towards a run for the Oval Office since last summer when he walked away from the GOP and took a hard stance on impeaching Trump.

Why the Libertarian Party Should Back a Socialist for DA

Tiffany Cabán is running for Queens District Attorney. She has tons of endorsements from organizations like the National Democratic Socialists of America and the New York Progressive Action Network, Individuals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon, a plethora of workers unions throughout the city, and I believe she should have the New York City Libertarian Party’s endorsement as well. Why would the Libertarian Party support a staunch Socialist? I’ll tell you.

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